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In 2020 Lebone Detection Pty Ltd (LD) was established to provide high quality security solutions.

Since then, LD has built itself as one of  South Africa’s leading security providers, proactively keeping pace with the rapidly changing security industry. By offering superior coverage and service for all types of business, through tailor-made integrated solutions and a focus on rapid response, LD has earnt a reputation for excellence and customer service. Truth honour and safety are the core values which govern LD services and operations. LD aims to exceed its client’s expectations by understanding their requirements and customising security solutions to best suit their needs.


Lebone Detection pty ltd (LD) is a South African company dedicated to the provision of excellent security services. We are capable of dealing with all your security needs and offer a complete range, planning, system analysis and design as well as executive services. The company was established in 2020 by Dimakatso Phetlha who went onto a freelance career as a specialist consultant in security related projects. LD is committed to providing exceptional services by delivering personalized, high – quality and cost efficient solutions to meet the need of our clients. We strive to exceed the requests of our clients by going above and beyond what is asked to ensure that every detail is to your requirements

LD has delivered wide range of security services such as guarding, training and other security services. Our Security packages are designed especially for the client with respect to their specific needs and financial capabilities. When we provide our services, we take the time to understand your needs and your environment as well as a full risk assessment to ensure that our security officers will fit your requirements. LD implements stringent training for its entire force over and above the average. LD is an independent consultancy not tied to any other businesses, this means that the advice we give you is unbiased, objective and impartial. After reviewing your needs, we make recommendations that are right for your business – at your budget. Our management team all have the necessary experience to give you the best advice possible and the knowledge to consult and recommend an unequalled security solution for your unique needs.

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